Mosaik Ulm


Here you will find questions and answers about our community. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us personally.

1 What is the International Christian Centre Ecclesia Ulm?

We are an Evangelical Free Church.

  • Evangelical - because the gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation and source of our faith, our life and our joy.
  • Free Church - because we believe that only a free & personal decision to believe in and follow Jesus Christ really counts in Gods eyes - every single member of the congregation has personally and freely chosen to belong to our community. In addition, our community is not funded with taxpayer money, but purely from voluntary donations.

2 How many people belong to the International Christian Center?

This question is not easily answered.

Our church - as most of the Ecclesia churches - has no formal members, so it is not possible to specify an exact number. On Sundays we have two services, which are visited by an average of about 350 adults and 70 children. The number of people who feel they belong to the community, is around 600.
The "Ecclesia" community association comprises approximately 60 churches, representing about 4,000 people.

3 Why the name "Ecclesia" and what does it mean?

"Ecclesia" simply means "church".

The word "Ecclesia" comes from the Greek language. In the New Testament it is the term for the "church", the community of the first Christians. Literally "Ecclesia" could be translated "the called out ones."

This name is intended to express that people gather together who have been called out by the Gospel to follow Jesus and to live with love for God and one another as is demonstrated in the New Testament.

It also shows the solidarity with the worldwide "Ecclesia of God," which goes far beyond the borders of our community association. It really comprises all Christians throughout the centuries who believe forgiveness and redemption from sin and guilt - and with this eternal life - is only available through Jesus Christ.

4 What differentiates Ecclesia from other churches and communities?

Since God's Word, the Bible, is the foundation of our teaching and action, we have more in common than differences with all true Christians. Ecclesia, as each church community has a history though that has shaped and influenced it resulting in certain features which distinguishes it from others:

  • We believe and have experienced that God still performs miracles and heals people. Therefore upon request we pray for the sick.

  • We expect the power and presence of the Holy Spirit along with a manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, as they are described in the Bible.
  • Babies are not baptised but blessed instead. Older children and adults are baptised upon their personal decision and explicit request.

5 How was Ecclesia Started?

Through the preaching ministry of evangelist Hermann Zaiss (1889-1958)

Countless people came to personal faith in Jesus Christ under his authoritative proclamation of the Gospel. God confirmed this ministry by unusual signs and wonders. Many were healed of diseases while others gained relief from anxiety and compulsions.

Zaiss never had the intention of founding a new church, but rather he wanted to bring the spiritual awakening into the existing churches and communities. But soon after each of his meetings, groups of people sprung up like mushrooms. The desire of these people and the spiritual responsibility felt by the "brothers from Ohligs" as they were first called, led to the formation of formal groups. These stretched all across Europe from Holland to Austria, from the Baltic Sea to Switzerland.

Today, people that have emerged from this work, not only serve in Ecclesia, but also in many other churches and communities. The power of blessing flowed on into distant lands. In other parts of the world, hundreds of new churches have been created over the decades since.